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  • Yellow Submarine

    Yellow Submarine was written from a child's innocent point of view, but c'mon, this is the Beatles. Everything they did appealed to everyone, from kids who were teething to seniors without teeth and Yellow Submarine is no exception. All aboard!
  • Our Idiot Brother

    You don't have to have a brother with bad timing or be a horticultural hippie to appreciate Ned's naïve wisdom. While "Brother" isn't for Rhodes scholars, only an idiot would dismiss its easy going charm.
  • The Company Men

    "You know the worst part? The world didn't stop. The newspapers came every morning, automatic sprinkler shuts off at six and the guy next door still washes his car every Sunday. My life ended and nobody cared."
  • Microsoft's Ballmer Misses the "Device" Point

    Users are telling the makers: "one device -- different form factors". A phone is a phone, unless "I" want it to be a PC. PC looks like a PC, but it is a phone when "I" run Skype or MagicJack . My tablet is... come on, do we users have to spell it out for you guys at Apple, Google and Microsoft?

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